What Hormone Therapy Can Do for You

How hormone replacement therapy from your doctors in Punta Gorda, Florida can help you feel better

Your hormones play an important role in how you feel. They help control your mood and many other functions. They also play an important role in how you look, by keeping your skin young-looking. So, what happens when you have an imbalance in your hormone levels? You can feel out of balance too.

The doctors at Gulfview Medical Institute in Punta Gorda, Florida can help. They offer a wide variety of medical services, including hormone therapy to help you feel like yourself again.

You can experience a hormonal imbalance due to natural body processes like puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. A hormonal imbalance can also be caused by a medical condition or procedure like a hysterectomy.

Whatever has caused your hormonal imbalance, your body and your mind can suffer. You may begin to experience:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Gaining extra weight
  • Increasing fat around your belly
  • Losing interest in sex
  • Lower energy levels
  • Feeling anxious or depressed
  • Problems with memory

The doctors at Gulfview Medical Institute will check your current hormone levels and determine the appropriate hormone therapy to help you feel better. They may also suggest lifestyle modifications like increasing your level of exercise, dietary changes, and stress management techniques.

Hormone therapy is the cornerstone of treatment for hormone issues. Bio-identical hormones are at the forefront of hormone replacement because they offer so many benefits and have a low risk of side effects.

Consider that bio-identical hormones are:

  • Identical in structure to human hormones
  • Long-lasting, from three to five months
  • Extensively researched and tested
  • Able to maintain a steady stream of hormones in your blood
  • Individually dosed, causing fewer side effects

Bio-identical hormones also increase bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis, broken bones, and fractures. Bio-identical hormone treatment also won’t increase your risk of having a heart attack, having a stroke, or forming blood clots.

You owe it to yourself to discover the benefits of hormone therapy. To find out more about how hormone therapy can help you, call the doctors of Gulfview Medical Institute in Punta Gorda, Florida at (941) 505-2100. Call now!

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