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We offer various physical examinations according to your individual circumstances and depending on your current state of health and medical history. Some of the more common physical exams carried out in our clinic include:

  • Comprehensive History & Physical examination for evaluation and management of patients with medical problems and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Men's physical exam including prostate exam and PSA and immunizations when appropriate.
  • Sports pre-participation physical examination.
  • School and work physical examination.
  • College physical exam, including required immunizations and boosters

Pre-admission History & Physical for Surgery

Health insurance coverage for these physical examinations may vary depending on your insurance plan. Most physical examinations required for participation in athletics or recreational events, administrative exams, and work-related physicals will not be covered by health insurance and the charges will be your responsibility. Please check with your health insurance company to check the coverage of your individual health plan.

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