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What's the Process To Get My Flight Physical In Punta Gorda, FL?

In order to become a pilot, you will have to undergo a flight physical to ensure that you meet the physical and mental standards necessary to safely fly a plane. If you are looking for a Federal Aviation Administration-approved doctor in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, Englewood and ArcadiaFL, Dr. Ravid and his team at Gulfview Medical Institute can conduct your next FAA flight physical. Dr. Ravid is a senior aviation medical examiner providing first, second and third class physicals to pilots of all ages living in and around Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda, FL.

All three classes of FAA medical certificates have their own standards and guidelines that you will need to follow to receive your certification:

Class I

A first-class medical certificate is necessary for commercial airline transport pilots. These pilots must undergo annual physicals until age 39. At age 40, pilots will need to get flight physicals every six months and a yearly electrocardiogram (ECG).

Class II

This medical certificate is for commercial pilots including corporate, medical and charter pilots, as well as crop dusters. These pilots need annual flight physicals.

Class III

This medical certificate is for private and recreational pilots. Until age 39, these pilots only need a flight physical every five years. After age 40 pilots will need a physical every two years.

The type of license to which you are applying will determine the type of medical standards and criteria you must meet. As you might imagine, pilots looking to get their first-class license will need to undergo a more extensive physical than pilots looking to obtain their third-class license.

What to Expect

For those looking to get a third-class medical certificate under age 39, the flight physical usually consists of,

  • A full vision and hearing screening
  • Blood pressure and vital sign monitoring
  • Urine test
  • Medical history (hospitalizations; surgeries; chronic conditions; mental health; medications)
  • A full physical exam

Before coming into the office for your physical, make sure that you complete the FAA Medical Application online and bring a copy of Form 8500-8 and your confirmation number with you. If you meet all the physical and mental requirements, Dr. Ravid will provide you with your FAA medical certificate.

With an office in Port Charlotte, FL, Gulfview Medical Institute provides flight physicals and other medical services to residents of Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, Englewood and Arcadia, FL. Call (941) 505-2100 to schedule your flight physical.

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